EduClips: Hurricane Harvey Trauma Lingers In TX Schools; Carvalho Texts Offer No Clue He’d Back Out Of NYC Schools Chief Job — And More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

EduClips: Hurricane Harvey Trauma Lingers in TX Schools; Carvalho Texts Offer No Clue He’d Back Out of NYC Schools Chief Job — and More Must-Reads From America’s 15 Biggest School Districts

EduClips is a collection of the latest education news from the largest school districts in America, where over 4 million students attend classes daily in eight states. Catch up on previous EduClips articles here. Stay informed about the top news in schools and education policy by subscribing to the TopSheet Education Newsletter and receiving daily updates in your inbox.

Top Story

PUERTO RICO — Puerto Rico received a significant victory on Friday when the Supreme Court of the island dismissed a lawsuit supported by a teachers’ union, which challenged a new school-choice law. This law has been a top priority for the education secretary in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which caused severe damage to schools almost a year ago. This court decision comes just before the start of the new school year, with students returning to class on Monday.

The Supreme Court’s ruling paves the way for the government to proceed with its plan to establish "escuelas alianzas," which are charter schools unique to Puerto Rico, as well as to launch a program that provides vouchers for private schools. The lawsuit was filed by the Asociación de Maestros de Puerto Rico, a local affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers. (Read more at

National News

VOCATIONAL TRAINING — Vocational training is making a comeback as companies partner with high schools to prepare students for the workforce. (Read more at The Wall Street Journal)

SCHOOL SAFETY — School districts are investing in safety measures such as armed guards, cameras, and metal detectors for the upcoming school year. (Read more at The New York Times)

ESSA — District leaders face challenges in implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). (Read more at Politics K-12)

SCHOOL SAFETY — Parents are adding bulletproof backpacks and other protective gear to their back-to-school shopping lists. (Read more at USA Today)

ELECTIONS — Teachers in certain states are restricted from serving in the state legislature. (Read more at Education Week)

District and State News

TEXAS — The start of the new school year brings lingering traumatic effects from Hurricane Harvey in Texas. (Read more at the Texas Tribune)

NEW YORK — Text messages do not indicate any intention from the schools chief to withdraw from the New York job. (Read more at The New York Times)

CALIFORNIA — Charter schools in California are working to comply with regulations before the new school year begins. (Read more at the San Diego Union-Tribune)

ILLINOIS — New legislation signed by the governor aims to improve education in Illinois. (Read more at Fox Illinois)

NEW YORK — All high schools in the city will issue warnings for marijuana possession and disorderly conduct. (Read more at the New York Daily News)

FLORIDA — Florida school districts are navigating unclear regulations regarding the use of medical marijuana for students. (Read more at USA Today)

CALIFORNIA — The Los Angeles Unified School District is considering a March election to fill a school board vacancy. (Read more at the Los Angeles Times)

FLORIDA — Public schools in Doral, Florida will soon have armed police officers. (Read more at the Miami Herald)

NEVADA — As Clark County schools reopen, drivers are warned to be cautious on the roads. (Read more at the Las Vegas Review-Journal)

ILLINOIS — A new law in Illinois allows students to take unlimited dual-credit classes. (Read more at WGN-TV)

NEVADA — The new superintendent of Clark County School District prioritizes curriculum and funding for his first year. (Read more at the Las Vegas Sun)

Think Pieces

TEACHERS UNIONS — The Supreme Court’s Janus decision will likely result in smaller but more politically active and ideologically focused teachers unions. (Read more at

DUNCAN — Article opinion about Arne Duncan, highlighting his fallibility. (Read more at The Hechinger Report)

SPECIAL EDUCATION — The struggles of Parkland shooting suspect seeking special education help resonate with parents of special needs children. (Read more at

Quote of the Day

"For a long time, vocational training carried a certain stigma, but every individual deserves an opportunity to gain employment, regardless of their background." – Gina Raimondo, the Democratic governor of Rhode Island. (Read more at The Wall Street Journal)

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