Deadline Looming? How To Write An Essay In A Hurry

Procrastination, the arch-nemesis of students, has been a long-standing issue. It hides under desks, resides in laptops, and looms over library tables. Facebook is an enticing distraction, tempting students to watch their favourite TV shows or read Song of Ice and Fire in the name of procrastination. However, procrastination is nothing but failed attempts to manage our time efficiently – a common undertaking, including for myself.

Although these guidelines are not meant to encourage people to be lazy or work last-minute, they can be a helpful companion in the event of an oncoming deadline. Let’s look into some steps:

1. Keep Your Books Close

Before you start writing your essay, plan out which textbooks are helpful and find them in the library. Since the texts are close by, you will save time having to search endlessly for a book or replacing one if someone else has taken the last copy.

2. Do Not Overburden Yourself

While we all aim to get a good degree, a deadline is not the time to pursue unattainable perfection. Just read enough to accomplish your essay and, if some time is left over, add a few more points. Submitting an entire essay can certainly earn you more marks than handing in a vague and insufficient outcome.

3. Strategize

All individuals work at different paces, and you know your habits best. Set a schedule that allocates time for outlining, reading, and writing. Additionally, double-check the essay and bibliography before submission to avoid errors.

4. Reference While You Write

Complete your bibliography as you write. This way, you’ll save yourself from having to scour through numerous textbooks and find a particular quote used ten hours ago, as the bookmarked pages already contain the information.

5. Take Adequate Breaks

Though it may seem illogical, taking a break, such as watching TV, chatting with a friend, or taking a walk, helps you remain active and alert. Taking regular intervals during complicated sections lets you ponder the issue, think, and clear your mind rather than staring at a blurred screen of text.

6. Avoid Sugar

The high attained by consuming chocolate and other sugary foods can help during the writing process, but it can also lead to an energy crash. Instead, consider having fruits or cereal as a replacement. Although occasionally indulging in chocolate is acceptable, eating constantly does not aid productivity.

7. Stay Away from Social Media

Avoiding social media can be the difference between completing your essay and wasting valuable time. Leave your credentials with a trusted friend or family member, permitting them to change the password. Strict implementation requires them not to return it until after you have handed in the essay. Alternatively, leverage productivity tools such as Leechblock, which restrict access to social media for specified periods.

Writing an essay in advance will certainly produce the best results and please your professors. However, situations arise in which we slip up and find ourselves rushing through our work. In this case, stay calm and know that the ordeal will soon be over.


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