Boosting Student Safety And Parental Engagement, While Keeping School Buses On Track

Boosting Student Safety and Parental Engagement, While Keeping School Buses on Track

Transfinder, a software provider that specializes in assisting school districts with student transportation, has undergone significant changes over the course of 30 years. According to Antonio Civitella, the president and CEO, in order for technology companies to thrive, they must adapt and evolve every two years based on the advancements in technology.

Currently, Transfinder offers a range of software solutions. Routefinder, for example, manages entire bus fleets using satellite-layered maps, live GPS information, and real-time onboard attendance. Another software called Infofinder integrates scheduling and routing information with a school district’s website, keeping parents informed about their children’s rides to and from school.

Families have the option to sign up for notifications regarding schedules, stops, or any changes made to the vehicles. School districts can choose to share this information on their website or utilize it internally to quickly respond to any inquiries from staff members.

Switching to Transfinder has made a significant impact on the Shelbyville school district in Indiana, according to Bob Martin, the transportation supervisor. Particularly, the software has helped manage multiple changes that occurred at the start of the previous school year, ensuring that no child was misplaced.

Additionally, the software has assisted in implementing key safety measures, such as relocating bus stops away from four-way intersections and placing them in the middle of blocks. This change allows children to safely exit the bus, walk to the sidewalks, and provides drivers with ample time to see them when turning onto the streets.

For communities that experience frequent changes within a school year, Transfinder’s tools enable the creation of alternate sites and real-time documentation of route modifications. Drivers receive turn-by-turn directions and instant notifications about any route changes. Moreover, they are provided with pictures of each child on their route to ensure an up-to-date student manifest.

Accuracy is essential, as Civitella emphasizes. Outdated information is not acceptable, especially for substitute drivers in districts facing a shortage of qualified school bus operators. Having accurate information is crucial for efficient operations and to minimize disruptions to the community, reducing unnecessary costs by optimizing bus routes based on driver and family needs.

The software also proves to be a valuable tool in analyzing and planning routes. Nick Martini, the route coordinator for the Anoka-Hennepin school district in Minnesota, praises it for its ability to analyze routes before giving them to drivers. This feature reduces the learning curve and increases consistency in routes, ultimately leading to fewer changes.

By utilizing Transfinder’s software solutions, school districts can streamline their transportation processes and ensure efficient and safe transportation for students.


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